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Название песни: my ocean

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“My ocean”

Running away from the days of mistakes
When I used to dance on my own grave
Running out of illusions now
No heart, no fate
I believe it

Down on my knees, screaming at the sky
Pain cannot hurt
Pain never…
My ocean feeds the angels` grief
That rains back down on me .

Your stare’s like blood, it runs and burns
Your words echo in my prayers
I do believe sinners can breathe
As well as oceans

Pain never lies
And never will

It’s all inside me
It’s all inside us
We’re back to our graves
And deafening silence
(hear me Father
I can’t fight myself on my own)

Spirit melting away
As you’re floating into me
Your skies I can’t embrace
My ocean I inhale

Pain… Why?..
Something in me helps me see
Why?.. …God…
Something in me wants on my own

I can’t fight myself on my own

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my ocean -t de sangre

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