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Название песни: Mouthful of Razors

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Дата добавления: 2017-03-04

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Verse 1:

Father are you my martyr, are you my angel, the voice thats saved me from hell, I want to believe (you), what you do, Is build my faith.

Mother, what have I done, and become, as I wash my hands of this blood, I need your love save me from these words of hate.


Face down on the pavement, throat down to the floor. This blood shed beside me, now you feel your fate in my words. Every breath left inside me, pierced quick with my tongue. Live with all your failures (live with the shame), listen to MY MOUTHFUL OF RAZORS

Verse 2:

Reality, is the blade that cuts you deeper than the thorns you've placed on me, all these blades, scream as you lash your tongue at me.

Mister, your resistance, is a sickness that I'll remedy with every breath this instant. No repentance, end all your words of hate.



Sew your mouth up, keep it sealed shut, There's blood on the floor, everybody's watching, shut up, choke on, this mess you've made with your words of hate.

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Mouthful of Razors ★  Cult To Follow

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