Avalanche City - Ends In the Ocean в mp3

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Исполнитель: Avalanche City

Название песни: Ends In the Ocean

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Дата добавления: 2014-11-05

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oh my soul is free
it wandered away from me
my heart is so cold for the warmth from long ago
has wandered away from me

oh my soul can fly
its journeys are far and wide
but my heart is a weight for the burdens are great
and the journeys too far for me

but oh my soul it came home
with tales of a way that I'll escape
but my heart it was weak and i could not speak
of how much i longed to be

with my soul i am free
my journeys a constant dream
that ends in the ocean but starts in the stream
my soul it so longs to be

oh my heart had resigned
to forfeit the rest of my life
but my soul had a plan to walk hand in hand
so back it came for me

'cause oh my heart was alone
forgetting all that i've dreamed
but now all that i see is life breaking free
so long captivity for me

it came to me that a love this true
would always be in my mind
and on its return i could
only be overcome by the joy inside

oh heavens upon me
i must have died
oh adventures before me
lets start this tonight

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Ends In the Ocean Avalanche City

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