Сацура - Get out of my way Евровидение-2013 в mp3

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Исполнитель: Сацура

Название песни: Get out of my way ( Евровидение-2013)

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Дата добавления: 2014-11-05

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Текст песни:

Don't stop me now
I am ready to blow
My mind is telling me no
But I let it go
I can't hold it down, I step to the dance floor
I'm pushing red button , ok - there's no rules any more
I'm shifting my shape and now I'm monster ,I'm a monster
Don't stay on my way cuz I'm a monster
And I don't stop.

Get out of my way
Cuz I'm going insane, don't bother me
I'm like mighty halk
And this how I'm breaking free
Move away, I'm unstopable beast
Listen what I say
Get out of my way.

That's what I need
I just follow my creed
I see my target and I'm heading there at full speed
I make a step now
And my beat sounds loud
I like to do what I do I'm gonna shake the ground

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Get out of my way ( Евровидение-2013) Сацура

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