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Исполнитель: Nneka

Название песни: Gypsy

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Дата добавления: 2014-07-03

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Is it the past that stops me from growing
A wish to change yesterday though
I know it is future damaging
Slowly recognizing life cannot stay the same
Wish beautiful moments can remain
I pray and don’t loose the track that God makes me run
Cos without you, without the light, there is no sun
Oh but what is it that we have?
Still we have not arrived, still fall apart and still I ask…


Will I wonder for the rest of my life
Will I break free from my imprisoned mind
But still we’re Gypsies for the rest of our lives
And will we ever break free and free your minds

Got to maintain our peace of mind
What to do is to keep it steady, keep it focussed
People come, people go, friends become enemies
Today they love you and tomorrow they forget
Some may speak out your secrets, your desire
And at the same time they want to suck your power
They smile at you, they give you kisses
And at the same time backstab you and give you



Will u recognize ur soul is naked before u
Will u hide ur own sin when u know the truth
Will u drown in ur own tears and self distruct
Will u break the rules and be concerned


No but will we wonder for the rest of our lives
Will we break free from our imprisoned minds
Cos we’re still Gypsies for the rest of our lives
Forever searching
Let’s break free and free our minds

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